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Prehealth Professions Student Club

Avila ’s Biomed Club provides you with the opportunity to meet students with similar interests and to develop your leadership abilities. This club is completely run by students who are responsible for all club activities.

Excellent Science Courses
All of your prerequisite science courses for health professions schools will be taught by highly experienced, full-time faculty with Ph.D.’s. These faculty members will be available for individual tutoring while you are taking their courses as well as for preparation for standardized health professions admissions examinations such as the MCAT. They will get to know you well and be able to supply detailed letters of recommendation as you apply to health professions schools.

Help With Your Health Professional School Application
Your prehealth professions advisor will remain current with respect to the application process for the health professions schools of your choice. Many health professions schools use centralized application services which often change on a yearly basis. Once you have prepared an application draft, your advisor will review the entire document to be sure that it best reflects your strengths as an applicant. Particular attention will be paid to your personal statement. This statement can be a major factor in gaining acceptance to a health chemprofessions school.

Practice Interviews
Your prehealth profession advisor will provide you with practice interview sessions prior to your actual health professions school interview.

Additional Help
Throughout your time at Avila, your prehealth professions advisor will be available to help answer all of your questions about health professions schools and to help guide you towards maximizing your chances for acceptance. Since Avila has a small number of prehealth professions students, your advisor will be highly available to you.