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International Student Services

Intensive Language &
Culture Program (ILCP)

  • Students in Hodes Center
  • Annual Ethnic Food and Culture Celebration
  • Students in Biology class
  • Variety of sports including soccer
  • international students
  • Things to do in the Eagle's Nest
  • Senior year Sending Ceremony
  • Places to live including the dorms
  • Things to do

International Student Services | Intensive Language & Culture Program (ILCP)

Welcome International Students!

International Students are always welcome at Avila University! We are a fully accredited university located in Kansas City, Missouri.

You can choose from many different programs at Avila. If you need to improve your English, the Intensive Language and Culture Program (ILCP) can help you do this. In this program, you will learn the English needed to be successful. It is also a great program if you would like to improve your English and then return to your home country.

Avila also has many undergraduate majors you can choose including International Business, Computer Science, Management, Communication, Business Administration, Psychology, Education, Social Work, and many more.



Contact us at international@avila.edu or 816-501-3772