Avila University

Dr. Daggett, Biology ProfessorSteve Daggett, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology


Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts (Biology), Oberlin College, 1985
Doctor of Philosophy (Biology), The Pennsylvania State University, 1993

Teaching Area: My teaching is concentrated on microorganisms and genetics. I teach several courses at Avila including BI 111 General Biology: Cells and Genes, BI 250 General Microbiology, BI 318 Genetics, and BI 320 Immunology. I co-teach BI 345 The Structure, Function, and Chemistry of Cells, IS 318 Bioethics, IS 331 Plagues, and IS 356 Global Health Concerns. My philosophy of undergraduate teaching involves providing students with a broad enough knowledge base that will allow them to “do biology” or view the world from a biologist’s perspective. I believe this must involve a good bit of hands-on experiences, not to mention considerable reading. I have been fortunate enough to teach majors and non-majors. It is especially pleasing when a non-major grasps fundamental biological concepts and expresses an interest in pursuing further study.

Research Area: My research interests involve the genetics and molecular biology of eukaryotic microorganisms, such as fungi and protists. I have primarily worked on the single-celled alga, Chlamydomonas. However, recently I have turned my attention to carrying out projects involving bacteria, fish, and even humans. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with students whose dedication resulted in presentations at regional meetings.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, movies, and reading.