Hall of Fame Inductee

Sister Ann Dominic Tassone

Sister Ann Dominic Tassone has always been interested in sports, attending events as early as high school.  In 1963, Sister Ann came to Avila College to teach mathematics.  When the men’s basketball program was launched, Sister Ann became an avid supporter.  In the early years, she would often barter with the Lord to help the basketball team.  Over the years, Sister Ann has tried to attend every home event.  Looking in the stands at the Mabee Fieldhouse, one will see Sister Ann sitting in the same spot on the same bleacher at every game.  If she is not sitting, she is standing and yelling at the athletes to play defense, or more often, yelling at the coaches to change the defense.  Ask any athlete on campus to name Avila College’s biggest fan and the answer will inevitably be, “Sister Ann Dominic Tassone, hands down!"


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